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Legends of the Saloli: Approaching Storm is the story of Jeremy Lander, a human, who is chosen by Valde Abbas (God) to save the world from an evil force.  To do this, he must become a squirrel.  To achieve his mission, he must prove to his new tribe that he is trustworthy and not a traitor.  This proves to be difficult when at every  turn someone or something seems out to get him.  As the evil force grows strong, will Jeremy Lander be able to save the earth from destruction, or will the evil forces win out?


To my surprise, I actually enjoyed a book that dealt almost entirely with squirrels (called saloli in the book).  It was fast and upbeat, and, at times, quite humorous.  Adam did a great job describing the forest in which Jeremy must now live and in the different tasks that a squirrel must complete throughout the day.  It almost makes you want to go into a forest to see if these things really do occur, but if Jeremy’s story is any indication, humans cannot see the comings and goings of a tribe of saloli like the saloli can.

The story also brings in the message of Valde Abbas, the saloli’s name for God.  The message is brought through quite clearly that Valde Abbas is all anyone needs to be content with their life.  It is when you lean towards evil that you are no longer content.

Be fair warned: there are grammatical errors in this book.  It was self-published and did not go through the extensive editing process that published novels do.  However, this does not take away from the flow of the book.  Overall, it is an awesome book, and I look forward to reading the second book in the series.


If you would like to get a copy of this book, or just read more about it, you can find it on amazon at http://www.amazon.com/Legends-Saloli-Approaching-become-squirrel/dp/1461056314/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1314197271&sr=8-


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