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The Dragons of Chiril is a story of a girl who lost her father many years ago, only to discover that he is still alive.  Unfortunately, he needs three of his statues in order to return for good, and she sold them long ago to keep her mother and she alive.  She and her father, as well as a wizard and his librarian, four minor dragons, a great parrot, an artist, and a dragon keeper head out on a quest for these three statues.  During the duration of the quest however, it becomes apparent that this quest is about more than just statues.  It is about a belief in an unseen God.

This book is the first book I have ever read by Donita K. Paul, and I must admit it is well written.  The story was slow in the beginning, but picked up the pace soon after.  Although I never got truly wrapped up in the story, it is one I would recommend to someone who wants to try something new.  The bit about Wulder (the God of this world), I felt left much to be desired.  It gives little hints throughout and then ends abruptly as soon as I felt like the message was getting through.  Other than this, the book was well written.  I do look forward to trying her other dragon novels.

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