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Audrey Bofinger and her family’s life was turned upside down when Jack Mansfield reported a scandal getting Audrey’s husband kicked out of the church and causing her son to lose his college scholarship.  Then early one morning while she and her son were headed to the bakery that they started to get their life back on track, the unthinkable happened; car versus scooter.  Blood covered the ground, but there was no body to be found.  On top of that, Julie Mansfield, Jack’s wife, is missing and it is her blood that is covering the ground.

With everything slipping away from Jack, he does the only thing he believes is left to do.  He takes the bakery hostage with Audrey’s husband and son as well as two patrons and one of the workers.  He gives Audrey six hours to bring his wife back to him, or she will lose the men she loves the most.  With time working against her, Audrey along with a recently released criminal and Julie’s estranged daughter head off on a mission to find her before time runs out.


A story of loss and faith collide in an intense display of detail and emotion.  This book drew me in and refused to let me go.  Even when not reading it, I wanted to know what happened next. Erin Healy has a way of writing emotion so that you feel what the characters feel.  As despair and desperation were spiraling in on Audrey, I silently hoped and prayed that all would end up well.  And as the story neared its end, I was on the edge of my seat, sitting straight up, hoping the odds were in the favor of light overcoming darkness.

It has been a while since I read a book that pulled me so deeply in.  Healy has definitely outdone her self with this book, proving once again that she is a top-notch author.  The Baker’s Wife is my new favorite, and one I plan on reading again soon.  Read this book.  It is well worth your time.


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