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Lexi has dealt with a lot of heartbreak in her life.  Her husband abandoned her and their daughter.  Her sister was murdered, and by the guy she was having an affair with.  Her father lost his mind and was put into a care facility.  Her mother traveled the world to escape it all.  In the span of a couple of weeks her life was shot.  The only thing that kept her going was the love she has for her daughter, Molly.

After seven years she finally thought that everything was behind her.  She was busy working two jobs trying to take care of her daughter, but it was worth it just to see a smile light her daughter’s face.  Everything was fine until the night the light above her Volvo went out, and all Hell broke loose.

In the span of one day, her ex-lover, her husband, and the man who ruined all their lives reemerged into Lexi’s world.  The ensuing battle that would follow is a battle that only true love could possibly penetrate.  Lexi will do anything to save her little girl from the mistakes of the past.

This story is an amazing display of having childlike faith; in believing that your parents will do anything to protect you.  It is a story of love and forgiveness.  Of trusting those you hate the most.  Bust most of all, it is a story of second chances.  Erin Healy has done an amazing job of building up her characters and the imagery, making you feel as if you were there, watching the events of the book unfold.

Never Let You Go is an amazing start to her solo career.  She wowed me from start to finish.  It was a hard book to put down when life needed to get in the way.  This is definitely a book I will recommend to anyone and everyone.  I look forward to reading more from this author.

This book will be available May 4, 2010.


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