Audrey Bofinger and her family’s life was turned upside down when Jack Mansfield reported a scandal getting Audrey’s husband kicked out of the church and causing her son to lose his college scholarship.  Then early one morning while she and her son were headed to the bakery that they started to get their life back on track, the unthinkable happened; car versus scooter.  Blood covered the ground, but there was no body to be found.  On top of that, Julie Mansfield, Jack’s wife, is missing and it is her blood that is covering the ground.

With everything slipping away from Jack, he does the only thing he believes is left to do.  He takes the bakery hostage with Audrey’s husband and son as well as two patrons and one of the workers.  He gives Audrey six hours to bring his wife back to him, or she will lose the men she loves the most.  With time working against her, Audrey along with a recently released criminal and Julie’s estranged daughter head off on a mission to find her before time runs out.


A story of loss and faith collide in an intense display of detail and emotion.  This book drew me in and refused to let me go.  Even when not reading it, I wanted to know what happened next. Erin Healy has a way of writing emotion so that you feel what the characters feel.  As despair and desperation were spiraling in on Audrey, I silently hoped and prayed that all would end up well.  And as the story neared its end, I was on the edge of my seat, sitting straight up, hoping the odds were in the favor of light overcoming darkness.

It has been a while since I read a book that pulled me so deeply in.  Healy has definitely outdone her self with this book, proving once again that she is a top-notch author.  The Baker’s Wife is my new favorite, and one I plan on reading again soon.  Read this book.  It is well worth your time.


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The Realms Thereunder is the story of Freya Reynolds, a slightly OCD college student who is obsessed with myth and folklore, and Daniel Tully, a homeless man who is being stalked by a myth-like creature.  The book told two stories.  The first story is current day when Daniel and Freya are needed to save the world again.  The second story is giving the readers an insight into the adventures that Daniel and Freya had when they were twelve years old.  In this story you also meet two knights and the leaders of Nidergeard.


This book sounded fantastic based off the back cover.  I started reading the story and was very disappointed.  I had to force myself to finish reading the book so that I could write this review.  I hate writing negative reviews, but I just could not get into this book.  To me it was like he was trying so hard to make this book a best seller that it felt forced to me.  I would love to see how his writing improves over his career, and I give him credit for actually writing a book which is not an easy task.

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Legends of the Saloli: Approaching Storm is the story of Jeremy Lander, a human, who is chosen by Valde Abbas (God) to save the world from an evil force.  To do this, he must become a squirrel.  To achieve his mission, he must prove to his new tribe that he is trustworthy and not a traitor.  This proves to be difficult when at every  turn someone or something seems out to get him.  As the evil force grows strong, will Jeremy Lander be able to save the earth from destruction, or will the evil forces win out?


To my surprise, I actually enjoyed a book that dealt almost entirely with squirrels (called saloli in the book).  It was fast and upbeat, and, at times, quite humorous.  Adam did a great job describing the forest in which Jeremy must now live and in the different tasks that a squirrel must complete throughout the day.  It almost makes you want to go into a forest to see if these things really do occur, but if Jeremy’s story is any indication, humans cannot see the comings and goings of a tribe of saloli like the saloli can.

The story also brings in the message of Valde Abbas, the saloli’s name for God.  The message is brought through quite clearly that Valde Abbas is all anyone needs to be content with their life.  It is when you lean towards evil that you are no longer content.

Be fair warned: there are grammatical errors in this book.  It was self-published and did not go through the extensive editing process that published novels do.  However, this does not take away from the flow of the book.  Overall, it is an awesome book, and I look forward to reading the second book in the series.


If you would like to get a copy of this book, or just read more about it, you can find it on amazon at http://www.amazon.com/Legends-Saloli-Approaching-become-squirrel/dp/1461056314/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1314197271&sr=8-

Too Rich for a Bride is the story of a sister, Ida Sinclair, who moves to a mining town in Colorado to follow her business dreams.  Two of her sisters already reside in the town and have found suitable suitors for themselves.  When Ida moves to the town, the sisters set out trying to find a suitor for her.  She however does not want anything to distract her from her goals as a successful business woman.  However, there are two suitors chasing after her, a dashing lawyer and a traveling preacher, who become harder and harder to ignore.


Too Rich for a Bride is the second book in a series by Mona Hodgson.  I admit that I have not read the first book, and yet I did not feel lost in this book.  The story is well written, and I enjoyed it immensely.  I would definitely recommend this book for those who love suspense, humor and a little bit of romance.


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The Dragons of Chiril is a story of a girl who lost her father many years ago, only to discover that he is still alive.  Unfortunately, he needs three of his statues in order to return for good, and she sold them long ago to keep her mother and she alive.  She and her father, as well as a wizard and his librarian, four minor dragons, a great parrot, an artist, and a dragon keeper head out on a quest for these three statues.  During the duration of the quest however, it becomes apparent that this quest is about more than just statues.  It is about a belief in an unseen God.

This book is the first book I have ever read by Donita K. Paul, and I must admit it is well written.  The story was slow in the beginning, but picked up the pace soon after.  Although I never got truly wrapped up in the story, it is one I would recommend to someone who wants to try something new.  The bit about Wulder (the God of this world), I felt left much to be desired.  It gives little hints throughout and then ends abruptly as soon as I felt like the message was getting through.  Other than this, the book was well written.  I do look forward to trying her other dragon novels.

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Jesus, My Father, the CIA, and Me: A memoir… of sorts by Ian Morgan Cron is the story of Ian’s life from childhood to his first time leading the congregation through the liturgy of Great Thanksgiving.  It is a tale of sadness and despair; of hope and redemption; of forgiveness and love.  The story talks a lot about Ian’s desire to be noticed and loved by his alcoholic father who every so often worked for the CIA. Ian tried the bad boy route of drinking and drugs, but that worked to no avail, so he tried the good student approach.  However, alcohol became a huge part of his life, especially after his father’s death.  But through it all, Ian survived to tell his story.

The thing that caught my eye and made me want to read this story was the part about the CIA in the title.  However, the book only has tiny snippets of it, usually just mentioning that his dad worked for them.  This provided a huge disappointment to me.  However, the book as a whole is interesting and well written.  I did have a little difficulty following the jumping around of the different passages, feeling as if some passages ended before they were supposed to, as if a page was missing.  Overall it was a good book that anyone who has had a struggling past could gain some hope and encouragement from.


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The Promises She Keeps tells the story of Promise, who is a terminally ill girl with an incredible talent for singing and staying alive through unbelievable circumstances.  Enter Porta, a woman who wants to remain alive at all costs, and Chase, an autistic artist who ends up falling in love with Promise.  Two forces, each trying to show Promise the route she should take, one for selfish gain, the other out of selflessness.

Erin Healy surprised me again with a story filled with love, suspense, and utter sadness.  I loved the fact that she brought us into the world of autism and explained it in a way that will cause everyone to fall in love with Chase.  I did not see the ending coming, nor am I completely satisfied with it, although I understand the reasoning for going with it.  This book , however, drew me in and kept hold until the very last page.  I would definitely recommend this book to others, in fact, I already have!

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